Upcoming Events


Hermanus this year has been confirmed for the weekend of 27th and 28th of November and will follow the new format of having some designated display flying slots available.  So, if you have a prize model in your fleet, perhaps something a little different or something that you feel could attract some interest, please make it known so that we can organize you a display slot.  These display spots, as we saw last year, are very effective and are certainly helping to draw bigger crowds at Hermanus.  The highlights will be printed on their marketing material and is part of the TOSS input to assisting AFC in getting the event back up to the status that it was moons ago.

 We are also looking into club accommodation and need to get a list of names and an idea of numbers together for those who wish to be accommodated in the club house (this is a great time for camaraderie and social).  Please can you indicate to Christo or Darren if you’d like us to book you a spot.



We will be holding our annual slope event in the last weekend of January (27/28 Jan 2024).  The event this year will be F3F slope racing, which will comprise of three classes, Combat Wing Class, 2 M Class and Open Class.

Please fill in the online entry form if you are interested in taking part:

The competition rules can be found here:

The general idea of the event will be time based and the competitor will be given an amount of time after launch to climb out before the buzzer sounds.  Once it sounds the model should dive into the designated area and fly right to the first pylon, once past the pylon, the pilot hears a beep and must turn around and head for the pylon on the left till it beeps where one lap would have been completed.  This must repeat for the duration of ten laps to complete the course.  The event will be based on FAI F3F rules. Here is a link to show what the F3F competition format looks like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-qu5LCkwmM 


The club intends holding a number of workshops this coming year.  Below is a list that the committee have come up with but should you have any subjects you wish to see in workshop form, please feel free to suggest.

Radio Gear set up (servos, servo torque, control rods, radio set up and crow braking) this will be a discussion-based learning opportunity.

Glider Design and Build techniques.  A discussion in aerodynamics and basic layout for design and building a scratch built slope glider.

Spray Presentation.  A presentation on spray-painting techniques for the hobby spray painter, methods to prep, paint and repair mistakes.

Simulator as a tool.  This is a workshop aimed for the pilot who wants to improve their flying by using the simulator and its settings to best imitate what can be expected on the slope.  It’s not just a game.
Should you have any suggestions or ideas that you would like us to add to our new business items on the agenda, please feel free to email committee@toss.co.za or give any of us a call.
Until the wind blows again, Take Care


As you have seen and heard via the chat group, the club has commenced on a drive to get all pilots within the club through the SAMAA proficiency program, with the aim to have all pilots achieve at least a minimum of solo.  Though this is a requirement by SAMAA to be covered by their liability insurance, this should also and probably more importantly so, be seen by our members as an opportunity to improve our skills.  There is no better way to sharpen your reactions than by practicing set maneuvers in a somewhat of a coaching format.  So please feel free to grab one of the instructors on the hill or organize ahead with one to take you through the coaching till you are test ready.  It is important to know that the instructor that coached you cannot be on the panel of judges during your test, so pick an instructor and stick with that person till they have seen you through the process. 

Should you wish to have more info, there is lots of reading to be done on the TOSS website or ask a committee member for details.  http://www.toss.co.za/about/slope-grading-system/